Hidden by Big in Japan was mentioned by one of the most popular online magazines from the Netherlands (Ballinnn).

They say that the Dutch fashion industry is becoming a more serious player in the international fashion industry. In the last few years, a few Dutch brands entered the international fashion market, and they performed very well. A good example is Filling Pieces, a Dutch shoe brand.

Besides the up-and-coming Dutch brands, there are also a lot of collaborations with strongly positioned brands. Interesting distribution deals and pop-up stores are more popular than ever before. “The Dutch industry starts to understand ‘the fashion game’”.

Ballinnn sees Hidden by Big in Japan as one of the stores that totally understand the fashion industry. They even call the store ”the hidden pearl from Amsterdam”. This is because the store is located outside of the city center of Amsterdam, where a lot of exclusive popular brands are found that are only distributed to a very small amount of stores in the Netherlands.


Veemarkt 36a, Amsterdam
Monday – Friday 11:00-17:00
Saturday & Sunday: Closed